We offer vitamins, supplements & Therapeutic Packages. You determine which is best for you based on how aggressively you want to target the condition you are treating. We recommend that which ever vitamin(s) or package you choose  take it on a monthly basis along with recommendations from the nutritional guide until the condition has been reserved or you have  reached your optimal health goal.


We recommend taking vitamins or supplements at least 1-2 hours before taking any prescription drugs.


The potency of the Therapeutic package is determining by the amount taken monthly. The higher the saturation the rapid the results.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

When the herbs we ordered arrives at our facility, direct from our farmers, it is immediately quarantined for QC review. At this point, a qualified Quality Control member will extract samples for immediate testing in our laboratory. For the highest quality, natural organic herbs no heavy metals or containments or carries or fillers added into herbs

100% pure ingredients.

We have something for everyone. If you do not see what you are looking  for. Send us a email of the condition you are targeting we help everyone. We ship nation wide.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. We stand behind everything we sell. 14 day return on products & merchandise unopened. DUE TO FEDERAL LAW WE CAN NOT EXCEPT RETURN ON SUPPLEMENTS AND VITAMINS.  On Return Merchandise their is a 25% restocking fee. You are responsible for shipping returns and fees.  All Refunds will be issued 3-7 days after product returned.

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